ADHD Solutions: Free Medication Reminder!

'The use of SMS reminders to improve the effectiveness of a treatment and help people to remind their appointment can save millions’, is a quote from an article published in the Economist. This statement is based on a research of the Imperial College in London. This article shows how SMS reminders can help people with ADHD, especially remind them of taking their medicine!

Through drug-use improvement can be reached at battling the challenges people with AD(H)D are facing. After someone is diagnosed with de disorder, the next step in the treatment is often the prescription of medicine. Prior to this step, people with ADHD have often tried multiple ways to reduce their complaints. Unfortunately in general without permanent result: psychotherapy, time-management, diets, sports, homoeopathic resources, or other alternative treatment. Up to 90% of people with ADHD respond well to methylphenidate (Ritalin) at medium-to-high doses.

Problem of Forgetfulness:
The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM) states as one of the core symptoms of AD(H)D; often forgetful in daily activities. This problem causes serious problems for treating AD(H)D because people who use Ritalin, tend to forget taking it! Twenty-five percent of the time, people don't take their medication because they have forgotten. It's particularly difficult to remember to take medication for a condition such as ADHD. Here you don't have physical symptoms, like high blood pressure and high cholesterol.

Solution to the Problem:
SMS lends itself as a perfect service to remind oneself of an appointment. Particularly in health-care the SMS reminder service plays an more important role. It can easily be used for sending a SMS reminder at moments at which the medication should be taken. By using a SMS reminder service there is a clear increase in consequent drug-use; better treatment results; less waste of medicine and users experience the SMS reminder as pleasant!

Get Free Medication Reminders: Google Calender!
Although there are companies trying to make money by supplying services for SMS Medication Alerts, I found an easy and often FREE way of getting it done! Google Calendar is a contact- and time-management web application offered by Google. Currently, Google Calendar can be synchronized with mobile devices (e.g. BlackBerry, Palm, Pocket PC) and event reminders can be sent via SMS to mobile phones in over 80 countries and regions. Google Calendar is a free service and Google doesn't charge you to receive notifications.

How It Works:
Log in to your Google Calendar, then click on "Settings" and choose "Mobile Setup". If you haven't yet validated your cellphone number, you'll need to do so (it's easy) and once you do, you'll see something like this: Go back tot the Calendar and click on the 'Create Event' button. Set a new event at the time you have to take your medicine, an select that Google will send you a SMS reminder a few minutes prior to it. When you're ready you can mark it as a recurring event by clicking on the Repeats menu:

Done! You have created a SMS Reminder Service that will help you to take your medication at the prescribed time. Check Google Calender for other features to keep your ADHD under control!

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Srdjan "Serge" Loncar zei

Great post! Please try our free SMS medication reminder service at For now it only works in the US though.

Anoniem zei

Good thing to create a free SMS reminder service! To be honest I don’t suspect it to offer many advantages to the solution the article above suggests. With Google Calendar you can create alerts for many occasions including medication reminders!